Family-run farm in Valtiberina, Tuscany: the history of Sasso and our family

Family-run farm in Valtiberina, Tuscany: the history of Sasso and our family

The adventure began about 20 years ago, but has its origins much further back in time, in the light-hearted tales of childhood in Anghiari of Franco, the “greatest” among us.

Stories of shoes worn to curb makeshift carts in the narrow and steep streets; of energy burned running around barefoot through the fields of wheat, grandmother Annetta’s recast with the beaten eggs; of anecdotes about his grandfather Giuseppe, Municipal Guard, which in those who complained to him about the jokes of Anghiari’s children, among whom were his children and then his grandchildren, he replied that in the country it would take just a Guard; of ancient festivals, of improbable nicknames; of watermelons that at August rolled fast down the “dritta” … Stories about Anghiari that always have a special place in our thoughts and that kindled in us, who then lived in the grateful, but bustle Milan, the idea that it was still possible to live a simple but dignified life.

A life with rhythms and needs more sustainable and grow future generations as past ones, without big races, not against the time, not to “arrive”.

We were looking for a place that resemble us, friendly, authentic and essential. A place to share.

We found that place in the land of our origins. And we’re back here, to begin this new life that would allow us a lot of new experiences, to meet many people, and, as Franco always says, “to grow old together”.

Will your friendship the next gift that Sasso will make us?

We are grandma Fiorella, grandpa Franco, Silvia, Ezio and the young Sara and Francesca, our future.